STL #10 – And Now For Something New…


This episode is different from what we’ve come to expect on Sounding The Light, because Different is exciting and it’s fun to shake things up a bit.  Instead of featuring one artist’s music and interview, we are joining Terah in her studio as she shares some great music from several artists she’s discovered.  So grab your cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the music!

If you like any of the songs you hear, click the links below to hear more from each artist.

1. Reckless Love – Brady Toops
2. Dreams Are Made Of – Evie Haskell
3. River of Mercy – Kindred Fire
4. Sailor’s Tune – Von Strantz
5. Come To Me Quickly – Josh White
6. A Lot To Learn – Copperlily
7. Child – WASHA
8. Peace – Evie Haskell