Anticipating Change

Family crater lake pic 2

Changes are scary.  I mean, aren’t they?  Even if they’re good changes, there’s still a bit of the lump-in-the-stomach excitement that comes with anything unknown.

I remember when my husband and I had that all-important talk about starting a family, just a few years after we were married.  He had been overseas for a year as a medic in the Iraq war, and not long after he returned home the time came when we just KNEW we were ready to Take The Next Step where our family life was concerned.  So we discussed it in a very, you know, business-like manner, and proceeded to Take The Next Step.

For the next several months I rode the emotional roller coaster – first anticipation, wondering if I would find out I was pregnant this month, and then disappointment when I would realize each time that I wasn’t.  AND THEN….  One day I was watching TV and saw a Johnson&Johnson commercial where the tagline at the end was “Having a baby changes everything.”  (Does anyone remember those commercials?)  Well, suddenly I got terrified as it really, truly dawned on me how right-on that statement was, and I decided right then and there we didn’t need a baby, and we were going to quit trying.  AND THEN….  A week later I found out my new resolve had come too late.  We were on the Baby Train.  I think God’s perfect timing might have had just a little bit to do with that….  Anyway, I will spare you the details of the next several weeks/months/years, but suffice to say, I know more than ever now just how Right. On. that tagline was.  But you know what?  I love it.  I was scared stiff at first, and there are still moments I question the sanity of our original decision, but – I love it.  I actually loved it again three and a half years later when our second Tuckerling arrived.  It was a huge change, and it has in fact been stomach-knotting scary sometimes, and probably always will be with each new phase and level my darlings reach, but I would not change that change for the world.

Then, fast-forward some years, and there came another Big Change – in the form of a cross-country move.  It happened just this year, in fact just about two and a half months ago (you can read more about it here in my other blog), and it has been a whole different kind of roller coaster.  After living in Georgia for 33 years, I left with my little family, following the call of God and my husband’s new job, and moved all the way to Oregon.  Talk about Big Changes.  Going from the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest is definitely one of the tops on my short list of Major Life Changes.  And already there are things I have loved about this change, as well as those inevitable things, of course, that will take time to settle and become familiar.  There are things I left that I absolutely loved doing, like leading worship and playing keys alongside other amazing people at our church, and getting to hang out with NewLife radio’s morning show host Pete Chagnon every other Friday morning, chatting and sharing highlights from interviews I’d done with some ridiculously talented artists on Sounding The Light.  There are beautiful people I had to leave that will never leave my heart or my prayers.

But the cool thing about having a blog and a podcast is that it gets to travel with me, wherever I go.  And since I made such a big life change, I figured Sounding The Light could stand a few changes too.  So, though I have taken a short hiatus with artist interviews here while I settle in to my new home and do some reassessing of the STL site format, I will still keep blogging.  So stay tuned.  Change is in the air.  And that’s a good thing.