About Terah Tucker

Ter1417575127ah Tucker is a singer/songwriter, worship leader, and devoted Christ-follower.  Since she was young, her heart has been with music, whether making her own or promoting others’.  In 2007, Terah became the creator and host of the live internet radio program All Things Music on VoiceAmerica.com, where she interviewed and promoted artists of all different musical genres.  After finishing her time with VoiceAmerica, Terah decided to take the next several years to focus on raising her family and finishing her own album, In Simplicity, which she completed in 2011.  In April of 2015, she released her second album, Beauty In Broken Down Places.  Terah began developing the idea for Sounding The Light after hearing several wishes expressed to hear new and different music done by Christian artists that isn’t always played on the radio.  Having appreciation for diverse musical styles herself, Terah’s hope for Sounding The Light is that it will help connect listeners to talented artists that represent the many different branches of the Body of Christ.


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